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Local Businesses Take the Bait in Underage Alcohol Sting


Wall of alcohol

The New York State Liquor Authority recently sent underage decoys to retail establishments holding liquor licenses to ferret out those that illegally sell to underage persons. The underage decoys went to 756 businesses where they attempted to buy alcoholic beverages.

Of the 756 businesses State-wide, 200 sold alcoholic beverages to the underage decoys, including a few in Downtown Brooklyn. The Downtown Brooklyn offenders included a 7 Eleven at 395 Flatbush Avenue Extension, the Brooklyn Deli at 115 Willoughby Street, and Khim’s Millennium Market at 111 Lawrence Street.

Ali Mohammed, the Manager of Brooklyn Deli, stated that the business would need to be more careful. The 7 Eleven and Khim’s Millennium Market did not provide a representative for comment.

The remaining 556 businesses refused to sell to the underage decoys. Locally that included G & Wine & Spirits Inc. at 48 Willoughby Street.


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