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Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse to get fancy new HDR projectors


Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn

The Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn is one of ten locations of the chain to be getting HDR (high dynamic range) Projectors, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This fancy new projection technology makes for whiter whites and blacker blacks, which I’m sure all the film-o-philes will love. They’re partnering with CinemaNext to get these new projectors in theaters.

The exciting part isn’t necessarily the HDR projection, which isn’t totally new (AMC and Dolby teamed up for Dolby Vision a few years back). The exciting part is HDR projection coming to such a badass theater. I mean, have you been to Alamo Drafthouse yet? I don’t really want to go to other theaters anymore.

Personally, HDR isn’t really that exciting to me. But I don’t really get exciting for IMAX or 3D movies either. I’m sure a lot of people will be thrilled.

No idea when it’s rolling out, but it’s coming. Are you excited?


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