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Community Board votes against development of imposing 80 Flatbush tower


80 Flatbush mockup

Image via 80 Flatbush

The community has spoken. Well, the Brooklyn Community Board 2’s Land-Use Committee has spoken at least. And they’ve voted against the giant construction project at 80 Flatbush Ave at a meeting held Wednesday.

Unlike other, approved development projects in Downtown Brooklyn, the planned tower at 80 Flatbush met a wave of backlash from the community. A group called Block 80 Flatbush Towers formed to fight against the construction project. They’ve been vocal online, as well as covered the neighborhood with their message. With this vote, it appears as if their vote has been heard.

It’s not over yet, however. The next public hearing will be on April 30th, and the full Community Board 2’s vote will be at their next scheduled meeting on May 9th.

Unlike Downtown Brooklyn, which was re-zoned in 2004, the location of 80 Flatbush (between Flatbush Avenue, State Street, 3rd Avenue, and Schermerhorn Street) Beorum Hill, and isn’t zoned for such tall buildings. That means the developer, Alloy Development, needs to have the zoning changed to continue with this planned 986 foot tower.

Community members are having none of it, though. If voting continues this trend, Alloy Development will need to come up with a new plan for the space.



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