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Construction on 9 Dekalb Ave tower seemingly at a standstill


9 Dekalb Ave Construction

Construction appears to be at a standstill at 9 Dekalb Ave, the giant skyscraper coming to Downtown Brooklyn that will be twice as tall as any current building in the neighborhood.

The image is an aerial view of the construction site, with the old Dime Savings Bank in the lower right-hand corner of the image. Construction crews were hard at work removing floors of the attached building last summer/fall, but it seems like no progress has been made since then.

I assume the next step will be pile-driving. Which, if my experience living in Carroll Gardens during the early construction of 365 Bond is any indicator, will be neighborhood-shaking.

Does anyone know what’s the hold-up? As much as I dislike the building design, I am excited for more of these giant construction projects to be done.

9 Dekalb Ave mockupImage via CityRealty


  1. I have the exact same question. I thought I saw excavation/foundation work progressing but now it appears there is a hard deck at grade level. I love the building and I hope it gets done.

    What gives?


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