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Welcome to Oh No DoBro, a community-run blog for Downtown Brooklyn. The goal of this website is to provide hyper-local coverage of a single Brooklyn neighborhood (Downtown Brooklyn) and sometimes immediately surrounding neighborhoods.

This website is inspired by existing NYC neighborhood blogs, including (but not limited to):

These local neighborhood websites (along with many others) provide insight into the local community in a way that traditional journalistic coverage doesn’t. On this blog, you’ll find everything from news to events to opinions to complaints to photography to restaurant reviews and more.

The goal of this website is to join into the shared experience of living and/or working in this neighborhood.

Why did you choose the name Oh No DoBro?

It’s those damn real estate brokers! Downtown Brooklyn just wasn’t good enough of a name, it had to be concatenated to DoBro. There’s even an entire residential building by Avalon called AVA DoBro. It was used to pitch City Point before City Point opened.

City Point using DoBro

In the spirit of existing NYC neighborhood blogs, I wanted this website to reflect the name of our neighborhood in some witty/punny/fun way. The word “DoBro” makes me cringe, and thus Oh No DoBro was born. Brooklyn born.

Why create a Downtown Brooklyn website?

Have you looked outside? Downtown Brooklyn is a-changin’. In 2004, City Council voted to re-zone the neighborhood of Downtown Brooklyn, making way for tall residential towers and flourishing business centers. There may be as many as 1,500 new condo units in the neighborhood added in 2019 alone.

That’s a LOT of people in this neighborhood. It would be easy for this area to lose itself in the shadows of giant steel towers. This website aims to give a voice to the people living in those giant towers. And the people in the brownstones. And the people working in the industrial complexes.

That sounds great. How can I help?

Have some inside information? Drop us a line through our Tips page.

We’re also looking for people to help by contributing to this website! If you’re interested, check out become a contributor.

We’re accepting one-off articles, if you’re feeling so inspired. Or more regular posters. If you have a particular area of expertise, please reach out and we’ll get your words on the website!