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Become a contributer

Have a scoop?

Send it in to our tip line at [email protected].

Or, if you think you’re the best person to write the piece, send in a pitch to [email protected]. If accepted, we’ll send instructions for submitting full articles to the website.

Want to be a regular contributor?

Currently, we’re seeking a number of volunteer* community members who are interested in contributing to this blog. If you might be interested: please check out the requirements below:

  • Write one to three original pieces of content for the blog per week
  • Meet for one hour, once a month, to help shape the website. Meeting will be held online
  • Properly manage any areas of responsibility (respond to emails from the community in a timely manner, take pictures if you said you would, etc)
  • HAVE A PERSONALITY. Have an opinion. This isn’t just a news blog. We want to know how you feel about the news.

Currently seeking**:

Events reporter: You’ll be covering specific events happening in the area. Flea markets at City Point, bands playing at local bars, special events at the Alamo Drafthouse. Maybe you’ll even stop by a few, take some pictures, and share them with the community.

Community reporter: You’ll be covering all aspects of the people living in, working in, or traveling through Downtown Brooklyn. Maybe your neighbor has an interesting story to tell. Maybe the folks on Joralemon Street won’t stop calling the cops on the basketball players. If it relates to people, it’s your beat.

Neighborhood reporter: Your beat is buildings and neighborhood growth. What new skyscraper constrosity has just been approved? What building just finished construction? What new community protests are happening against certain development groups? As this neighborhood is building up, you’ll find the scoops.

Politics reporter: Do you attend local hearings, or other events related to local politics? We’d love your coverage of those meetings!

Social Media Manager: This one isn’t top priority, but it would be nice to share our content across different social media platforms. This role would include posting on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc, when new content is created on the website. Taking and posting pictures around the neighborhood. Responding to messages and being a part of the community. The DowntownBrooklyn and dekalbmarkethall instagram accounts are great. Eventually, I’m imaging ours joining the same conversations.

Opinions Columnist: Do you have a lot to say about our neighborhood? Do you need a place to say it? If so, you might make a good Opinions Columnist.

Managing Editor: We’re seeking someone to help manage the Oh No DoBro website, and its relations with other people and blogs. Responsibilities include helping run the website (editing stories before they’re posted, fact checking where applicable, helping shape the tone/feel of the site) as well as establishing and maintaining relationships with existing neighborhood blogs and local businesses.

* There are no immediate plans to monetize this blog. If we ever do, contributors will be the first people to be paid.

** Think of these descriptions as a starting point, not strict rules. You will be able to write about what is important to you.

To apply, please send an email to [email protected]. Please include any writing samples and prior experience, if applicable.