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Aerial view of the Dekalb/Fulton/Flatbush triangle


Demolition at Dekalb, Flatbush, and Fulton

I discussed the demotion that’s happening at the triangle between Flatbush Ave, Fulton Street, and Dekalb Ave in a prior post, but didn’t have this super-cool aerial view at the time.

I know that Redsky Capital own the lot that’s at the bottom of hte photo, closer to Albee Square, but I’m not sure about the lot along Flatbush Ave. I assume they own that, too?

If both lots are owned by the same company, I imagine there are quite a few stories about trying to purchase that middle section that’s still in-use.

I’m super curious about what’s going to happen here. I really like how open Albee Square feels without any building there, but I imagine that we’ll get another skyscraper in there soon enough.

It’s a good lot own, since the old Dime Savings Bank (the dome you see in the bottom left of the picture) is landmarked, so air rights are already protected.

Dekalb/Fulton/Flatbush triangle with labeled streets


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