Home Neighborhood Albee Square welcomes spring!

Albee Square welcomes spring!


Albee Square, Downtown Brooklyn

Spring weather has finally arrived!

After a long beginning of spring, filled with snow day after snow day, we finally have 80 degree weather. People are out and about enjoying the sunshine, as seen here at Albee Square, next to City Point.

Behind is the old Dime Savings Bank, which will eventually be more retail. Originally, I had heard that Apple was scoping that spot out for an Apple Store, but it looks like they got impatient and headed up Flatbush Ave a few blocks instead. Although, I have no idea whether that rumor was even true in the first place.

Come 2020 (or so they say), we’ll be seeing a towering monstrosity of a building above the iconic dome. It’ll be the tallest — and most terrifying — building in Brooklyn.

But let’s not focus on that now. Let’s just enjoy this lovely weather. Right?


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