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What will DoBro look like in ten years?


Storefronts on Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn

The Bridge, on the plethora of chain stores opening in NYC (emphasis ours):

Last year, Brooklyn saw the biggest percentage increase in the number of chain stores of all the city’s boroughs, with 1,587 locations, a 3.1% increase from the previous year, according to a December report from Center for an Urban Future. The greatest concentration of these stores is in zip code 11201 (Brooklyn Heights/Downtown Brooklyn), which has 145 national retailer locations including City Point’s Target, Fulton Street’s H&M, and Sephora on Joralemon Street.

My wife and I have had long discussed what we think Downtown Brooklyn will look like in five to ten years. Her thought is that our neighborhood will most closely resemble current-day Tribeca.

I think I agree. At least, I think that’s what all these developers are hoping.

With a huge amount of high-priced luxury apartments, surrounded by chain stores. A massive shopping center along Fulton Street. Easy access to nearly every subway line, and just one stop into Manhattan on several lines. One can see why these developers are trying to turn Downtown Brooklyn into New York City’s Next Big Thing.

What do you think Downtown Brooklyn will look like in ten years? Will it resemble Tribeca? Or some other neighborhood? Let us know in the comments below.


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